I am a devoted Army wife, mommy to my angel baby, Bella, and my fur babes, student at ASU, and a food lover. I come from a long line of family members who cook incredible food. My parents taught me how to cook at the ripe old age of ten years old. The first thing they taught me how to cook was spaghetti. It was at that age when my curiosity about cooking began. Throughout the years, my curiosity continued to expand. In high school, I especially loved to bake for my friends. Cooking and baking has become a passion. My husband, Michael, likes to blame my cooking for some of his weight gain. That, I will not take any responsibility for.

Live. Love. Grub. came about with my passion for food. One of the many things I love, and also love with Michael, is food.  The way to my heart is through my stomach.  If cooking is my passion, grubbing is my favorite hobby.  This blog is my chance to share with with you the recipes that have brought me closer to the ones I love.  I hope you will enjoy grubbing on it as much as we do!

Get Your Grub On!